Branding vs Sales: Key differences and similarities between the same

Branding vs Sales: Key differences and similarities between the same

Branding and sales both are part of the marketing ecosystem, both of them have different roles to play, and both profess as superior to others but at times complement each other to bring in the customers.

Sales is all about conversion, while branding is all about differentiation.

Sales is always trying to convert the customers, while branding judiciously aims to win the customers' hearts by creating out-of-the-world experiences. Sales is all about numbers. Creating a brand image is difficult in the era of quick-rich schemes because sales can be measured, but branding is an intangible element that focuses on awareness and perception.

Big firms who have established brands don't run pillar to post for a sales conversion; instead, they try to amplify their brand experience, which may augment the sales process.

Selling is a complicated process; from lead generation to customer conversion, many steps are involved. It involves the use of man and machines along with marketing resources to occupy a space in the customer's mind. However, branding and the same available marketing resources have already created a soft corner in the customer's mind.

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Sales is a short-term goal; Branding is a long-term goal.

Although sales is a long drawn process, it has a definitive start and end. But branding is dynamic and all-pervasive that encompasses every aspect of your business operation.

Sales try to satisfy the customers' needs while branding is one step ahead. It has already understood the customer's needs and now wants to create a demand for the same.

One thing that a brand differentiates itself is by providing value to the customers. Sales have not reached a point where value-based Selling can easily make a conversion. When it comes to offering value-based services, the customers become cognizant of its price, but where the brand is making its entry, the customer is least bothered about the price.

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Branding is like a coveted trophy that each one wants to possess. For instance, a brand like Apple is usually considered luxurious. It has elite customers, whereas other brands that have a mass appeal strive hard to establish themselves as superior to Apple.

Apple is a brand that has a distinct identity. It can be called the epitome of technology and innovation.

Thus, a brand is not where the sales margin is on the higher side but when its premiumness is justified.

Selling is difficult but creating a brand and maintaining its face value is challenging.

Nowadays, sales forces are trained to speak about the benefits of their offerings rather than features which branding has been doing since its establishment. Also, lots of sales strategies have a customer-centric approach. It takes effort and a long time for customers to invest their emotions, trust and satisfaction in a brand, and just a single mistake can taint the hard-fought reputation.

Branding, on the contrary, wants to create a team of loyal customers and, therefore, have a high brand value recall. 77% of consumers make purchase decisions based on a brand.


How do sales and brands complement each other?

Sales follow the brand voice; customers purchase by trusting the brand. Therefore, the responsibility of maintaining a consistent brand image falls on the shoulders of the sales team.

Your customers expect their experience to live up to the image you've built for the brand. If your brand boasts about excellent customer service, but while making a pitch or negotiating terms and prices, those traits are not seen in the sales team, you may lose your brand image and potential sales. As a result, it is necessary to comply with your branding codes and ethics within your sales team.

Final Verdict

Branding and Selling both have different objectives; they overlap yet are fundamentally different. Determine your priority. Is it a brand building that could be an asset to your company or earning money at the primary stage?

A positive brand image will drive good revenues, but better sales cannot promise a better brand.

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