Five reasons why ‘How you sell’ is more important than ‘what you sell’?

Five reasons why ‘How you sell’ is more important than ‘what you sell’?

Salespeople have limited time with their customers to introduce themselves and their product, know customers’ problems, handle objections, and then close a deal. In such scenarios, how much value you create in your sales call and how you differentiate yourself can make or break the deal.

Your customers are aware of your company and also about your brand to some extent but they aren’t sure why they should purchase a product or service from you when there are thousands of replicas of what you sell, your competitors are selling their offerings at lesser prices than you, with better quality products/services.

Here your role as a salesperson comes into the picture. The salesperson is the identity of a company. A salesperson with an astute personality, quick responder to customers’ problems, and sharp business acumen is loved and respected by all. Alas, such salespeople are rare to find because too many of them are busy hanging their hats on what they sell.

B2B selling

How to differentiate yourself by manoeuvring the way of selling instead of going into the details of what your products can do for your customers.

Elevate prospects buying experiences

In the modern world, where packaging plays a more important role than the product itself. Experience is arguably the forerunner when it comes to buying personality. While listing the benefits associated with product features take them through the journey as if they have already purchased the product or service. You can take the help of technology or you can tweak your sales pitch into an interesting story.

80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services while 67% of customers say their standard for good experiences is higher than ever. Hence proved. The atmosphere of buying that you create should get embedded in the matrix of the buyer’s mind that will also aid in positioning the brand.

providing a solution
Inculcate value-based system besides providing a solution

Today buyers control the buying process more than the seller controls the selling system. Therefore, your prospect is more tech-savvy than their erstwhile counterparts ( before the internet became prominent). If your prospects have agreed to meet you it means they are expecting something more that they are not getting somewhere else. They are looking forward to value-based content that can reinforce their trust in your brand or your organization. In such cases, you can always share a snippet of useful resources or maybe provide insight about industrial trends or recommend an event that is backed by their interest or hobby.

Selling via emotions
Selling via emotions

The biggest asset any human can have is their feelings. When you share a heartfelt conversation with your prospects they seem to open up and feel at ease in your presence, thus, making your ‘seal the deal’ contract a cakewalk for you. SO the next time when you walk into your buyer’s chamber, make an effort to make a call from your heart rather than considering him as the next potential for your lead generation and being nearer to your target. Of course, that is important but when you are connected on an emotional level everything will fall into place.

Make it about them not you

Blowing your own trumpet can benefit neither party. Choosing to solve your customer's problems first, handling their objection, and probing them to ask why they are facing the difficulty, will not only create a difference in your approach but they will feel respected and shall do so in return for you as well.

Find a relevant reason

Customers have thousands of reasons to reject your products and services but when you create a difference in the ‘sea of sameness’ and find one reason that can breakthrough all the shackles of their mind, you can easily earn a chance of being their favorite, albeit it is not an easy job, but patience is the key along with right tools and the right knowledge to get through the customer mind and fit your product or service like missing piece of a puzzle.

Parting words

All the above-mentioned points focus on how you sell rather than what you sell, but to bring it into practice may seem challenging. Your salesperson could be as efficient as you want them but when it comes to selling they may fail to create the difference. We at ChalkWalk will be more than happy to groom your salespeople and enable them to stand out from the rest of the crowd. How? Give us a call now to understand how we create an impact on your salespeople and carve a niche for them.


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