Handle objection and seal the deal

Handle objection and seal the deal

Sales people dread the term ‘Sales Objection’. You will find many sales people grinding their teeth when it comes to lead getting stuck because of that one hindrance that you are unable to overcome. It's a part of your job. It's like the unsigned contract that becomes the part and parcel of your sales process, though you didn't intend to, but you are stuck with it, just like the annoying colleagues of yours.

Objections are underlined with fear. Not scaring phobias or threatening terrors but the tingling anxiety that buzz around our heads all day. The fear of being ridiculed or disapprove. However, looking at the brighter side you can assume if there is an objection there are various opportunities to outsmart that objection and seal the deal.

The rule of thumb is that your clients won't put their heart on the sleeves, you have to chase them with your exemplary skills and wit. They have their own reasons or famously called as blind spots to object but you need to create a soft corner for yourself amidst the ‘competitor chaos’ and find a sweet spot by reassuring your clients that they are in safe hands.

They say reckoning a sales rejection is easier than handling sales objections. Of course, they are wrong. I am sure you remember the first deal you cracked; it wasn't easy but it wasn't impossible also. So, give your clients a benefit of doubt and empathize with them and chalk out the way to turn this hopeless situation into a hopeful one.

Do you react or reflect?

The adrenaline rush to respond is a natural human tendency. We instinctively turn into a flight or fight mode when we are threatened, and we have little control over it. When someone throws at you a volley of questions instead of having jelly legs and garbled speech, you need not have to react every time but you need to pause and reflect because either being offensive or defensive you lose the game and that satisfies your clients ego. When you reflect on the given situation with a new dimension you can put the things in a better perspective and get more out of it.

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Cut your coat based on the facts

Relying on facts and figures is always a reliable method to counteract effectively. It also leverages you to have strong arguments that are not fictional but have a firm grounding. Using facts to put across your points can get you a long way and allow you to provoke your clients further. The more you provoke the more they open up and are vulnerable to fit in the system.

The sales tactics may evolve but concepts remain classic.

Timing is all that matters

When you address your client's objection when the dish is hot (high tempered) and you will surely burn your tongue and when it is cold (long lost and forgotten) you wince with frostbite. So, the best way is to answer when your dish is warm.

This is done when you actually follow up the leads on a consistent basis and the consistency requires planning. You can't always go to the same client with the same answer twice. You need to modify your sales pitch to get into the crux of the matter and come out with valuable information, this can be done only when the timing is right, a bad timing may cost you a lost deal and a damaged reputation. Sick!


Know the No

Customers may be king but you don't have to nod to their every response and query. Try bringing to the fore the real reason for not wanting to do a business with you. Contemplate their objection by probing them with insightful questions that will help you to know the exact reason for their no and will solve the equation. Of Course, it's never easy to handle an objection but with practice you can do so.

Fill your own cup

Take time off. When you are too much involved in the business you tend to get stuck with no clarity and your creative side gets blocked to unleash your potential. Take little time off to do things that will allow you to handle your clients better. It's easy to blame your client when nothing favours you and say the client is a tough nut but when you plan in advance, or you seek the senior level manager's help to solve the issue or train yourself with necessary skills to present in front of a client you will experience a watershed moment.

Objection How to overcome it
I don't need it now Turn don’t need into want by cultivating desire
I’ve already got one Quantify advantages over competing products. Use social proofs
It's too expensive Use anchoring or reframing to put the cost in a different perspective
I’ll do it later Use scarcity to exert time pressure and link an immediate purchase with another goal
The opportunity cost and overhead cost are too great Use reciprocity: do something for the client or give them something so they feel obliged to do something

Be it a price objection, time objection or strong competitor opposition, you can always try overcome these challenges with the above-mentioned points. While handling objection you will always get things to learn that will help you in your next phase of objection, so nothing of your efforts go wasted and if you think the client is too hard to crack you can close the deal with a smile on your face and grace in your walk while leaving this may close the loops and will also let you learn that although you may lose battle but you will definitely win the war. Do you think your sales rep needs help in handling objection with specificity and preparing the right way, always throw your frustration on us, team at ChalkWalk is ready to listen, understand and serve you better.

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