Recall the value of customer centricity

Recall the value of customer centricity

Nowadays, businesses are not run by their effective marketing cognitive abilities but by customers' decision-making capabilities. The company that deters customers has a lot more at stake than those who believe a customer is the talisman of their industry. Customer focus, customer-centric or customer service all are used interchangeably but as a matter of fact, your business thrives on customer experience. Customer centricity definition could be as simple as an invoice of a customer's taste, perception and feedback to improve your offerings and provide overarchingly a fresh impetus to your business. Simply put, keeping your customers at the centre of all the business decisions from discussion to designing can provide a more personalized experience to the end-users. Whereas companies who go by their own perception and dig deep into data analytics bring disappointed customers.

Why customer centricity is the need of the hour?

  • Customer centricity provides invaluable value for customers by providing their wants and needs through tailored-made experiences.
  • Customer-centric organisations are proliferating with up to 60% profits.
  • Provides a deeper sense of realisation of your customer’s pain points, thoughts and needs before, during and after purchase.
  • An organisation can provide an effective improvement in services based on customer’s feedback
  • The employee happiness index is higher due to customer satisfaction
  • Lesser costs are required in customer acquisition and customer retention strategies
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4 Pillars of customer centricity

Make provision for customer-centricity in your vision

Though your vision may display that you serve your customers till the last breath but unless it won't trickle down in the process it remains a frozen philosophy. Therefore, a paradigm shift from sales-driven culture to customer-centricity is necessary. Customer centricity unfolds a deeper sense of understanding and approach to customer satisfaction. It instils a greater degree of ownership of customers' issues enhancing the faith of customers in your brand and services.

Involve your employees

After making it a prime vision it must culminate among your employees as well. Let all your employees interact with customers at different levels. It should reflect in their communications. This foster trust, and relationship and empower employees to add value to the organisation apart from their work. By adopting technological innovations like CRMs and ERP you can propel your employees to focus on the realms of customer-centricity.


Measure metrics that matter

Customer centricity is not a one-step process but a continuous, consistent and conscious effort from your end. Employees may be busy solving your customer issues but there will be times when they may feel demotivated or the customers may feel dissatisfied. To sustain the movement, you need to measure the efforts and satisfaction levels. Metrics like NPS help to measure the likelihood of a customer recommending your brand. Other metrics help you understand how your company is perceived by customers and which aspects matter to them the most.

Don't be siloed but celebrate your customer's success

The enemy of customer-centricity is the silonomics of any organization. When the efforts are equally invested, the output should also be celebrated. When customers' expectations are exceeded the employees are rewarded. With every customer’s onboarding, acquisition, retention, and conversion there should be a reason to celebrate, thereby, manifesting a customer-centricity in every fabric of your organisational culture.



It takes time to nurture a culture that brings customer centricity to the core of the business. As the marketing strategies are innovative they should also develop strategies that focus on customers at the centre stage of every conversation. If you find difficulty in developing customer-centric strategies, consultants at ChalkWalk are always ready for your help.

  • Written by Admin, 30 April 2022.

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