Sale is a complex system: Micro selling and Macro selling

Sale is a complex system: Micro selling and Macro selling

If you ask any sales professional what is selling, they may be confused and ponder upon the question for a while, with the sheer amount of selling making it difficult to define sales in a few words.

To cut long story short, they may say, selling is a complex system. Not that they are wrong, on the internet there may be an exact definition of sales, in reality, it is an extended buyer’s journey with neither a perfect start nor the perfect end. From finding a lead to delivering impeccable customer service- sales is a never-ending journey.

While sales is a complex system, they can be divided into two interrelated disciplines called Micro and Macro sales

What is Micro Selling?

Micro selling deals with a single element of sales and is based on individual sales performance. It addresses nuanced needs and rises above ambiguity. Micro selling gets to the heart of the selling that involves a transactional value and focuses on the seller rather than the buyers’ journey. E.g. improving the rates of conversions, probing customers with better questions, narrowing down prospecting and lead qualification, emphasizing in-chamber effectiveness, etc.

It deals with optimizing individual sales professional performance by pruning sales reps into a more refined version that can churn out more effective deals.

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Why micro selling is important?

Salespeople are surrounded with innumerable tasks at their hands, so optimizing every task at hand is not possible but when these small tasks are taken care of it is easy to move upward.

Here are three factors that reason out micro selling:

  • Attention to detail helps in conversion at a faster rate
  • Enhance the effectiveness of calls
  • Micro sales emphasized more on value-based content rather than transactional value

Macro Selling

Macro selling involves all the elements of sales at a broader level. It focuses more on buyers’ persona and is concerned with the overall performance of the sales.

3 factors that necessitate macro selling as a crucial part:

  • The ratio of brand switching is higher in buyers
  • Buyers tend to reduce trust in your brand
  • Involves aspect of micro selling as well

The Verdict

If you think working on micro selling can bring results, you’re wrong. Working on either of the two will not help much as both are interrelated, sales professionals should aim to create a healthy balance in both aspects. Good sales professionals will focus on either of the two but a great sales professional will nail both the elements.

ChalkWalk can chart out a mechanism that will emphasize both levels to drive maximum sale effectiveness.

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