Sales Pitch – A recipe for Sales success!

Sales Pitch – A recipe for Sales success!

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Sales pitch normally conjure up images of a salesperson spewing out the product feature at the prospect now considered to be old fashioned and obsolete approach. In today's world, savvy salespeople treat the pitch process as a collaborative conversion. It is more than the uncomfortable cold calls or an unwarranted email. They don't ditch the pitch, instead, embrace its positive sides and let the prospect connect with them, and provide solutions to their most pressing problems.

But what is a sales pitch anyway?

A sales pitch is a well-drafted, then packaged sales presentation. A sales pitch is no less than a script you go through on a call, a two-minute speech perfect for networking opportunities, or the classic presentation in front of the decision-makers.

The reason for curating sales pitch is that as technology advances, the attention span is shrinking day by day; salespeople have less than 2 minutes to express what their product entails and how it will benefit their prospect. Therefore, a sales pitch formatted with brevity and concise form is appreciated compared to an hour-long presentation.

In a nutshell, a sales pitch is a brief, persuasive speech that explains what your product is, communicates its value, and encourages the customer to make a purchase decision. A great sales pitch should pique the buyer's curiosity and convey clear value.

Can sales pitch be a one-size-fits approach?

An inroad to good sales pitches always starts with a “first impression”. Your initial impact should resonate after you are gone. The longer you're able to withhold the attention of your prospect, the higher the chances of winning them over. And this involves being prepared with relevant buyer information and a well-crafted pitch that actively includes the buyer in the frame. It's not as simple as it sounds because forming a pitch is no cookie-cutter approach; it needs to be tailored and sewed according to the prospects' needs, perceptions, and behaviour. Therefore, the sales pitch is not “one size fits all” approach.

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How can you maximize the potential of your sales pitch?

The points below shall reveal the secrets to ensure your outreach is pitch-perfect. Let's dive in.

Reference of a past conversation

When your prospect knows about your product or your company, there is no need to introduce it. Instead, use your rapport to show them that you remember them and address their pain points that you have known in the last meeting via discovery questions.

  • How you're going to solve the problem?
  • What measures do you take to accomplish your goals?

Here is an example of a reference to a past conversation pitch.

Hi Jack,
Thank you for taking some time to speak with me over coffee. I loved your artwork, though! It rings a bell when you mentioned that you sometimes feel like you're sending your proposals into a vacuum. I can understand this.Now at Chalkwalk, I help other companies – solve that problem by giving them insight into who engages with the necessary tools and when. I think I can help you prioritize deals that show more engagement. Can we talk about it sometime next week?

This pitch could also be used on the phone, email, or social media messages.

Alleviate your buyers' pain points by elevating sales pitch

This may seem like an uncharted path, but elevating your pitch with questions can spark interest in your prospect, and they will start responding. And you know successful sales pitch always has dialogues. If you start introducing yourself and your product, you may get replies like, "Oh, that's interesting! Now you will be confused as to what to say further to initiate conversation.

Here are few examples of what a qualified prospect might say:
  • I want to bring your notice...
  • You may know how it works…
  • Doesn't it seem like…
  • Sir, correct me if I'm wrong but aren't you paying ten times more…

If this triggers them to start a conversation, they'll tell you all about it, and you can take it further from there.

Here is a famous instance for your elevator pitch

How would this help your business if you had this now?

This creates a subtle level of urgency in the pitch. It uplifts the discussion to a present moment. 'Now' justifies its role here. the key in this word, represents that now is the opportunity to buy, so the prospects will begin to think on those terms than later.

Let's (KISS) Keep it short and simple.

Remember, you are not giving them a speech. Too many words may not keep them hooked. Instead, a perfect sales pitch should generate curiosity in them. If you have hit the target of adding pain points and understand how your product or service helps you elevate your pitch, as short as a sentence would suffice.

Hey. We can lower your distribution costs

The famed Hipmunk sales pitch garnered this travel startup attention from the then-CEO of United Airlines. This is a low-pressure pitch with distinct benefits. It's simple, easy to use, and emphasize on benefits rather than features. And is a perfect time to strike up a conversation. this is essential when you're reaching out to the executive -class , brevity is of utmost importance. this example gets you straight to the point.

Highlight benefits not features

Blowing your own trumpet will lead you nowhere. Instead, prospects listen to you because they believe you will help them ease their suffering, or you can add more value to their requirements. Therefore instead, emphasizing how unique your product is. Start with how your product's uniqueness can solve their problem.

You can save an hour every day when you automate the process of cleaning out junk from your inbox.

Here there is nowhere mentioned how the product will save your time instead you are telling your prospect, about the benefit of the product as to how they can save time although it is a good start. But fine tuning it to that they can save an hour every day is a much more powerful argument. It exhibits to the customer exactly what they can avoid by working with you. It uses the principle of loss aversion. Benefits create sense of urgency and are an essential part of your pitch. Focusing on the benefit helps make the information more relevant to the prospect or customers.

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Summing Up :

Sales pitch is definitely a recipe for sales success. Selling is hard and pitching your solution is even harder but with proper practice and driving genuine conversations with clients, it becomes easier.

Perfect your art of delivering stellar sales pitch with above content and examples and if you wish to know more about the art of building sales pitch reach out on our email ID and our team will be happy to help.

Selling is not an agenda always, it’s an opportunity for a sales person to help clients in solving some of the complex and pressing problems- all you need is to draw engaging conversation with clients and with value added pitch enabling the same.

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