Consultative / Solution Selling

"In the current market situation, customers are a lot more sophisticated and informed than they used to be probably few years ago"

They are educated about the products and services much before a sales person reaches out. At ChalkWalk, we coach the sales team how to approach customers and provide consultative selling to make customers buy on Total Value of Ownership. The process of consultative selling is demonstrated and with right coaching methodology and tools, the pattern is built into teams to successfully execute solution selling.

  • Understanding customer pain points that caused the need for product/service - through probing and right questioning techniques.
  • Diagnosis – After diagnosing the problem or pain area, arriving at the right solution for the customer.
  • Prescribing – the right solution that customer sees value for and ready to pay premium price over competition. Driving the customer conversation around benefits and value.

Consultative selling is far more difficult than traditional selling. If you want to change your sales organization into a consultative selling team, then you must invest on their upskilling training needs heavily. Contact ChalkWalk team for more details on consultative selling training program.

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