Movers and Shakers

Our team of enthusiasts and subject matter experts is committed to deliver the best-in-class digital marketing and business scaling solutions to our clients.



Founder Director

Sumit is an accomplished business leader and an entrepreneur passionate about creating value for clients through ChalkWalk Consulting that focuses on 3 verticals– Skilling, Streamlining, Scaling besides end to end Digital Marketing support to its clients. He strongly believes that in the era of disruption, business environments are highly volatile and companies require skilled resources and a great deal of flexibility and agility in processes to stay ahead of the game and ChalkWalk comes handy in managing business transformation in this direction. With the vast experience and market exposures that our team brings in, he directs the goal for all to provide value to clients and ensures we stay true to our tagline - With ChalkWalk “ Expect Growth”. His passion is to train and guide the team in up-skilling people and to adopt ingenuity by incorporating new elements of business strategies and processes leading to scaling up of business which directly impacts industrial growth and hence economy.



Business Head - Operation Excellence

Being a devoted cricket fan and having more than 32 years of rich experience in the Automotive industry, Prasad Ratnaparkhi is an all-rounder in Business Development and Quality Assurance. Having worked for OEM & MNC companies such as Kirloskar Oil Engines, Fiat and AQ and having multiple ISO certifications, he now manages and develops ChalkWalk's Operational excellence vertical.



Senior Digital Marketer

Vaibhavi, an expert digital marketer, is particularly interested in psychology and is keen in understanding how social units invest in various financial instruments to increase their wealth. Using this knowledge, she decided to take this journey further and apply it to marketing strategies that are relevant for today's changing audience. Her aim for ChalkWalk's clients is to garner valuable insights about digital visibility of brands and expand horizons to discover all the unexplored digital marketing arenas for the multicultural market in India and worldwide. Apart from that, she is an ethical vegan and has been an animal rights activist for over 8 years. You will see her doing outreach events on weekends on the busy streets of Pune. As a teenager, she was involved in rescuing and rehoming animals and she loves to sketch and paint in her free time.



Senior Digital Marketer

Being a passionate lover of digital marketing, Harshita represents ChalkWalk's marketing team to ensure that the clients get the best as our team is here to enhance and spice up their digital marketing journey. What intrigues her the most is the ever growing nature of digital marketing and there is so much potential that lies untapped. When she is not at work, she enjoys dancing, playing badminton & most importantly munching on new vegan snacks as she is a vegan by heart and by choice!



Marketing Executive

Currently a student pursuing MBA in marketing and managing work simultaneously, Anushka is passionate about marketing and sales research on the best ways of integrating both these aspects that contribute to the ultimate growth of any business. For her, the journey is more about applying the theoretical concepts of MBA marketing into real life business scenarios. When not at work, she loves to write and listen to melodies from her favourite playlists.



Marketing Executive

Aniket, a passionate sales & marketing executive, believes that pitching a vision is more effective than pitching a product. So instead of bombarding clients with information, he believes in gradually assisting them through their scaling journey. As people engage more with stories than with products, he prefers to build context rather than write content. He is a voracious reader & insists that "If you want a new idea, Read an old book !"


Simran Bhavsar

Marketing Executive

Simran is a smart,creative graphic designer passionate about creating designs as per the clients needs by first understanding them. She has a keen understanding of how to work with the resources available with the client and recreate it to provide appealing designs for digital growth on platforms including social media, website, ads and many more. Her strong interest in colours and creativity lead her to deliver designs of quality, dynamism and experimentation that are in line with the expectations and at the same time admirable out there in the market to impact brand growth, which is a need in today's competitive world of digital business.


Vinty Barnes

Senior Business Development Associate

A workaholic, keen observer and extremely patient with everything, Vinty believes in taking the team together and working. With an experience in Web technology, Web Designing, SAS and as a teacher, her expertise is in data handling, python programming, pandas library for data understanding, seaborn for data visualization and SQL. At ChalkWalk, she will be driving business growth initiatives for our Digital Marketing vertical and lead from the front in new customer acquisition. She enjoys reading books and listening to music and strongly believes that the biggest achievement in life is to have a kind heart. Her motto in life is 'Simple living and high thinking.'


Sonali Ronge

Senior Business Associate - Operational Excellence

A science graduate with an MBA in operations and strong leadership skills, Sonali has 14 years of rich experience in the automobile industry, in implementation of TPM, QMS system, VAVE, plant setup, training and education and end to end business development. She has received 4 awards as a transformer leader from companies like Bajaj and Tata Motors. At ChalkWalk, Sonali brings with her a blend of business development and Manufacturing Operations exposure to drive end to end business growth and execution for our Operational Excellence Vertical. And yes, she loves to do Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba, enjoys dancing and reading management books and biopics of good leaders.