Sales Process Consulting

"At ChalkWalk, sales process consulting is done through a proven methodology that evolves into various stages starting with current practices and processes followed to obtain identified goals"

Stage 1- Discover & Develop :

Considering the short-term and long-term goals of the organization, a strategic plan aligned to company’s goal is defined followed by gap analysis. Resources and talent required to meet the goal is defined with budgeting exercise.

Stage 2- Implement & Execute :

Assessing the current state of the sales team, critical performance gaps, deliverables and result trends to build the ideal state including required KRA/KPIs, sales pitch, team segmentation, sales training programs etc to attain the desired sales performance improvement.

Stage 3- Achieve and Monitor :

Getting the teams to follow best sales practices to improve performance like Customer Engagement Programs (CEP), Customer Contact Matrix Development (CCMD); Consultative Selling Approach ( CSA), Ideal Customer Experience (ICE), Value Selling, CRM discipline, Sales Pipeline Management, Speed to Respond (STR), Sales Forecasting, Customer segmentation.

Monitoring observable behaviours of the team, and reinforcing adoption and application of all new initiatives in real-world selling situations. Measuring and evaluating the success of all new initiatives and align organizational systems and processes to ensure long-term success.

Stage 4- Scaling Up :

After identifying the critical success factors with all new initiatives, chalkWalk will help in scaling up business through increase in team, geographies, products, solutions, practices for the long term organizational goal.