Go to Market Consulting

"In today’s competitive market, it’s extremely critical to have right “Go to Market” strategy in place especially if the company wants to establish a strong brand presence for newly launched products and services"

Effective marketing and selling of new products and services is largely dependent on a strong well defined marketing plan that details the strategy and tactics to penetrate into chosen market segment. ChalkWalk provides consulting services on various aspects of “Go to Market” plan that may include:

  • Defining and segmenting target market (sectors).
  • Emerging Sectors and key account identification.
  • Market intelligence reports.
  • Segment buying process intelligence.
  • Defining and executing compelling value preposition for given products and services.
  • Building sales pitch to suit target market audience.
  • Defining marketing initiatives to support target market selling.
  • Developing AOP and helping sales team to execute the AOP.

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